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casue100's Journal

Casue 100
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Susan/Caspian 100 Fics/Drabbles Community
First of all, a big welcome to Casue100, a fanfiction challenge community for our favorite pairing, Susan/Caspian, from the movieverse of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian! We are based off the same ideas as zutara100 and sokkla100, though for The Chronicles of Narnia and Susan/Caspian.

This community is where you can post your interpretations of the prompts we've provided you with in the form of drabbles, short (though sometimes long) but sweet pieces of writing that don’t continue beyond their last sentence. We also will have room for you to write drabbles known as "writer's choice," where you get to pick the theme your drabble(s) will revolve around.

Because of the saying, "different strokes for different folks," there are TWO prompt sets for you to choose from--one with 100 prompts, and one with 50 prompts and 50 writer's choice. You can find them both HERE.

1) First of all, join the community to gain posting access.
2) Remember that this is for fanfiction only--drabbles/one-shots--not fanart or other forms of fan-created work. :)
3) While you may use other characters and/or pairings from Narnia, remember to center the drabbles around Susan and Caspian!
4) The drabbles obviously must each be based on one of the prompts, unless you have chosen the 50 Writer's Choice, 50 Prompts set. While the prompts are open to interpretation, try to have the main focus/theme of the drabble on that prompt, not just an idea mentioned in passing.
5) New drabbles are a must--while your past works are probably lovely, we’d like to see new ideas! (Meaning you can’t post one of your old drabbles as one of the themes, sorry.)
6) Cross-posting on the other hand, is allowed. Feel free to cross-post as much as you want, and spread the Casue love! ♥
7) Feel free to write the drabbles and post them in any order; whenever inspiration hits you. (Or you can go in order; don't feel like you have to go out of order either.) There is no time limit either; feel free to take your time with these drabbles. (Of course, I'm sure you don't want to be writing them forever, either--try to finish them eventually.) When you are finished with ALL of the drabbles, please post HERE to let me (the mod) know so I can make you a lovely banner and everything. (Maybe even put your name and where you post your fics in the userinfo or something...)
8) Only one theme per drabble; if you use, for example, the idea of “breathe” and “power” in the same drabble, pick the one that fits more appropriately because the drabble cannot be used for both prompts.
9) All drabbles must be placed behind an LJ cut, fake or real.

Title, summary, ect. should be placed above the cut, in the following format:

(You don’t have to use all of the things listed in the format, however--only author, prompt, word count and rating are required; all other notes are optional.)

*Also note, however, that you should write somewhere in your author's notes (in your drabbles/one-shots) what prompt set you are doing. I put it in the text area you can copy above, but you don't have to put it there--just please have it somewhere in your author's notes. :)

About those ratings...
Please keep your fics tasteful. If there's a problem I'll ask you to edit the fic, and if you don't then I'll take it down...If your fic has content that isn't PG13-safe be sure to make a note of it. All types of fics are welcome, as long as you give sufficient warnings (ie, a smut fic should have an NC17 warning).

A word counter...
Can be found here.

10) Please tag all your entries with the number, and your username. For example, if you were posting a drabble with the prompt, “future,” (from the 50/50 prompt set) your tags would be like this:

your username here, #13


We are your lovely mods here at casue100 and if you have a problem with someone else or something in this community (or a question), feel free to contact us at our personal journals or at the Contact Post HERE.

susancaspian - the general community (fics, pictures, icons and more) for the relationship between Susan Pevensie and Prince Caspian from the movie adaptation of Prince Caspian from C.S. Lewis' wonderful series, The Chronicles of Narnia.
casue_ldws - a drabble writing challenge community based between Prince Caspian and Susan Pevensie. The LDWS stands for the Last Drabble Writer Standing.

*If you would like to affiliate with casue100, post a comment HERE and one of the mods will get back to you as soon as possible!


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