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28 March 2009 @ 03:51 pm
Story: along this road he lost his soul
Title: Quintessence
Author: magneticwave 
Prompt Set: 100
Word Count: 431
Prompt: (039) Strangers
Rating: PG
Summary: Things never happen the same way twice.
Author's Notes: I'm officially obsessed with reincarnation stories, methinks.

(Susan Peterson is twenty years old when she discovers Narnia.)
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08 March 2009 @ 03:21 pm
Story: along this road he lost his soul
Title: Yellow Cabinets
Author: magneticwave 
Prompt Set: 100
Word Count: 628
Prompt: (048) Siblings
Rating: PG
Summary: They waltz to the tinny sound of the gramophone in the kitchen, the noise filtering in from the parlor; his hand catches hers and presses it to his chest and his cheek is soft as it lays across the top of her head. (The way it might have been.)
Author's Notes: Cross-posted to susancaspian and casue_ldws, prompt laughter.

(There are moments, in the midst of doing something mundane like sorting through the history volumes in the library or going through her stretches in the practice yard, when she allows herself to imagine.)
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03 March 2009 @ 10:36 pm
Story: along this road he lost his soul
Title: the bonds of time
Author: </a></b></a>magneticwave 
Prompt Set: 100
Word Count: 524
Prompt: (036) Family
Rating: PG
Summary: “You did look terribly disapproving,” adds Lucy. “All horrifying and glowering.” Lucy makes a face representative of Peter being horrifying and glowering. It makes her look vaguely like a turkey.
Author's Notes: I . . . seem to have written fluff. Oh dear.

(“Are you sure?” Ed queries, cutting his apple into eighths. “Dad wouldn’t have, dunno, castrated the poor boy for inappropriately seducing his eldest daughter?”)

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26 February 2009 @ 11:17 pm
I finally realized that it might make sense to actually post the entries I've been writing to the community that they were written for. I am, needless to say, something of an idiot.

Author: magneticwave 
Prompt Set: 100
Story: along this road he lost his soul
Rating: All PG/PG-13
Author's Notes: Yay for angst. Yay for a lot of angst, and little happiness. But mostly angst.

Also--for Lifeline Faultlines I wrote five different drabbles, but then they ended up vaguely linking together so I put them as the same "story," even though they're separate drabbles . . . does this break the rules? Am I rambling? Sorry. Am stopping.

Title: Blitzkrieg Bop
Summary: They call her a lot of things, once people get around to reading children’s books, but gifted is probably the word they use most often. Considering how Susan has to strip herself bare and stumble to her writing desk and compose everything while the haze of sleep keeps her mind clear, she doesn’t think gifted quite covers it.
Word Count: 971
Prompt: (012) Gift

(Susan doesn’t believe in poetry of the soul, in happily-ever-afters, in love overcoming all obstacles, in social change without taxes, but she does believe in words, eventually.)

Title: Lifeline Faultlines
Summary: At night, on the boat to America, Mr. and Mrs. Pevensie toss and turn to the sound of their daughter’s breathing hitching, screams caught in her throat, the choked protests against burning ice and soft black eyes and the press of lips to her collarbone.
Word Count: 217, 135, 148, 32, 187
Prompt(s): (020) Dirty, (029) Reveal, (055) Sound, (013) Children, (100) Starting Over

(She suspects that they would all be vaguely infuriated (his gape turns into a shy smile and she cannot completely smother the tilt of her lips in response) that it is a guileless boy, bereft of riches or wisdom, really, who secures Susan’s heart.)

Title: to rights
Summary: Caspian makes her gentle again.
Word Count: 979
Prompt: (030) Dreams

(Why was she always hard and sharp and bright? Why was she never gentle? It was like chasing a dream she’d long forgotten, or that had long forgotten her.)

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18 February 2009 @ 09:01 pm
I was just thinking about this drabble challenge today when I realized that I put in the first table two prompts that probably boggled the minds of anyone who hasn't read the same novels that I have. So I have a quick explanation for you all to help you with those prompts if you choose that prompt table. :) This was also added to the prompt table post, if you were wondering...


From the 50/50 prompt table: #8 (The Eighth Sin) & #10 (The Tenth Circle) are based off ideas I've read in some great novels--for your drabbles for these two, you can interpret the prompts as you wish or you can base them off this new note of mine:

The eight deadly sin is said to be "hope" (from A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly) and the tenth circle is supposed to be the tenth circle of hell (that Dante left out of The Inferno) described in Jodi Picoult's The Tenth Circle novel. (The tenth circle of hell is supposebly "for those who lie to themselves".)


And with that note, I changed prompt #24 from that prompt table from "hope" to "smile" as to not be redundant. If you choose not to make hope the eighth sin, you always have the option of using it as one of your writer's choice prompts. :)

Hope that helps! Sorry about any confusion those two prompts caused...
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04 February 2009 @ 09:00 am
Author: kitoky
Prompt: #052: skin
Prompt Set:: 50/10
Title: Scorched Skin
Word Count: 514
Rating: MATURE
Summary: Courtships were delightful but long, and Susan was not a woman with time on her hands.
Author's Notes: Angst. A type of angst I've never, never, never touched before. And this is the farthest I've come to writing something of a sexual nature. It's also the only fic piece I think I've done there there's absolutely no dialogue and this surprises me. I'm a big fan of dialogue. Also, critiques would be really nice for a piece like this. <3 Cross-posted to susancaspian

( Courtships were delightful but long, and Susan was not a woman with time on her hands. )
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01 February 2009 @ 04:29 pm
Author: kitoky
Prompt: #014 Fear
Prompt Set:: 50/50
Title: Maybe Tomorrows
Word Count: 1,991
Rating: T
Summary: Caspian couldn't sleep. No, he's tried. He just couldn't.
Author's Notes: This was a fairly quick write even though it is almost 2,000 words and probably isn't considered "drabble" by any means. But I've never really truly written Susan/Caspian in this light so it works. Cross-posted to susancaaspian.

( Caspian couldn't sleep. No, he's tried. He just couldn't.)
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25 January 2009 @ 04:08 am
Author: kitoky
Prompt: #051 Wisdom
Prompt Set:: 50/50
Title: The Wiser Man
Word Count: 495
Rating: K+
Summary: Caspian had never been the wisest man.
Author's Notes: Took this prompt from the 100 prompt set. AU. Cross-posted to susancaspian.

(Caspian had never been the wisest man.)
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20 January 2009 @ 07:36 pm
Author: catalyst283 (my writing journal)
Prompt: #005
Prompt Set:: 50/50
Title: Choice
Word Count: 355
Rating: G (More angst, sorry. D:)
Author's Notes: This is another image that I just could not get out of my head, as much as I tried. It needed to be written. I’m not sure if anyone else has thought of this—it is just one of the many takes I have on this…choice, this action. Also, I must note that this is most likely an AU from the other drabbles I’ve written. Whether or not it fits with movie canon is up to you…

Oh and this drabble contains a slightly different Caspian and a slightly different Susan than from the movie--older, most likely, and their relationship is portrayed as being much deeper (I dunno if I want to say more intimate, exactly, but...deeper than just a kiss and some interaction here and there that was in the movie...) here than the movie portrayed it. (The drabble doesn't explicitly imply this, but I feel it is necessary to note with the ending being what it is and all...)

( fanfiction.net link )

It is this feeling that she is finally asking the right question…just at the moment it is too late. )
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20 January 2009 @ 07:34 pm
Author: catalyst283 (my writing journal)
Prompt: #004
Prompt Set:: 50/50
Title: Ponderings
Word Count: 170
Rating: G (Meh, short and kind of emotionless. :/ It’s exploring the mind process of one character, mostly.)
Author's Notes: This drabble is a kind of sequel to my last drabble, “Connected”. Take that as you will. :3

( fanfiction.net link )

After all he’s been through in the past few days, he really shouldn’t be surprised... )
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