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11 August 2009 @ 05:01 pm
Would anyone like to become a co-moderator of this community? I'm starting college in about two weeks and will be taking an indefinite hiatus from livejournal, depending on my classes and so forth.

It's really not hard to mod this community, I've done most of it (the creating of the community, various posts, the layout, tags, ect.) already for you. Co-mod duties would just include:

*moderating tags (creating new ones for new posters and/or making sure posters use the correct tags)
*checking the affiliate post somewhat often (every other week or whatever) and adding affiliates to the userinfo and the affiliate post

If you'd just post a quick comment* saying your abilities in doing those two duties I'd be very happy.

*Comments are screened.

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31 July 2009 @ 04:37 pm
Series: along this road he lost his soul
Title: Notorious
Author: [info]magneticwave
Prompt Set: 100
Word Count: 1120
Prompt: (049) Suspicion
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The problem with John Miraz is that he has his goons everywhere. The problem with Ian is that, as she levels her gun to his chest, she can’t really bring herself to kill him for it.
Notes: The byproduct of watching Miller’s Crossing and reading The Maltese Falcon in one weekend. Yay for AU forties-era drama. Prompt: suspicion. And I just want to say—I do not have a problem with Ramandu’s daughter. I actually kind of like her, in most situations. So keep that in mind.

(As he takes a step towards her, she clicks off the safety and empties a round into the crumbling plaster over his left shoulder. “I was always a better shot than you, Ian. And let’s be honest with each other, please.")
Story: along this road he lost his soul
Title: i heard a rumor that you quit this day and age
Author: magneticwave
Prompt Set: 100
Word Count: 1070
Prompt: (079) Illusion
Rating: PG
Summary: Five times the Pevensies forgot they weren’t in Narnia anymore.
Author's Notes: Am thinking about doing a similar piece with Susan, post-LB. Assume that all but the last are set between LWW and PC.

(“We’d love to help,” interrupts Susan, even though she would rather slit her wrists and dunk them in a vat of rubbing alcohol. “Of course we’ll play.”)
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Author: kitoky
Prompt: #043: blame
Prompt Set: 50/50
Title: The Boulder and the Hill
Word Count: 965
Rating: T
Summary: And the very best lesson Susan Pevensie had learned from their first adventure in Narnia was from all the bickering.
Author's Note: Cross-posted to susancaspian.

( She's counted, as all the Pevensies have counted... )


Author: kitoky
Prompt: #045: blood
Prompt Set: 50/50
Title: Not Always Wise
Word Count: 1097
Rating: T
Summary: The old professor took the moment to stare upon the legendary Queen Susan of Old, but quickly realized his rudeness and blushed. Caspian only gave his old professor an amused smile, as he knew he had looked similarly with his own meeting of Her Majesty.
Author's Note: Filler fic after raid. Cross-posted to susancaspian.

( Caspian only gave his old professor an amused smile, as he knew he had looked similarly with his own meeting of Her Majesty. )


Author: kitoky
Prompt: #047: rain
Prompt Set: 50/50
Title: Adventures
Word Count: 504
Rating: T
Summary: Years after the train wreck, she thinks she's nearly forgotten about the adventures of her childhood.
Author's Note: Last Battle fic. Cross-posted to susancaspian.

( 'My mother,' he answers. 'She's sick.' )
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15 July 2009 @ 03:46 pm
Story: along this road he lost his soul
Title: we are the champions (my friends)
Author: magneticwave
Prompt Set: 100
Word Count(s): 108, 334, 268, 290, 315
Prompt: (037) Teammates, (032) Letters, (004) Weakness, (024) Hug, (088) Cake.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: “The students of the Narnia School do not go down this easily,” she said. “We’re going to wallop St. Telmar’s. And Caspian is going to help.”
Author's Notes: In which I turn Caspian and the Pevensie siblings into . . . Mathletes. Oh god, it sounds worse every time I say it. Why don’t we just call it a high school/secondary school AU, and leave it at that? AU interpretations of different scenes from Prince Caspian. Not really connected, as per the requirements.

(“It’s only fair,” added Ed, who Caspian knew from the cricket team (and actually liked, which was more than he could say for Peter Bloody Pevensie, King of Sodding Hell). “If he’s better than any of us, he should get a spot.”)
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12 July 2009 @ 02:02 am
Story: along this road he lost his soul
Title: the calm before another storm
Author: magneticwave
Prompt Set: 100
Word Count: 1131
Prompt: (047) Dance
Rating: R, but that's kind of overkill
Summary: She learns to become a queen again by demanding, in the council rooms and in the practice yard. She speaks to the Telmarines through her feet, through the arch of her wrists and the curve of her calves and the twin dimples on either side of her spine.
Author's Notes: See the full author's note for the story you don't really care about, but long story short: I saw Prince Caspian, cleverly deduced/theorized that the Telmarines could potentially be survivors from the Spanish Armada that crashed off the coast of Ireland in the 1500's, and went into flamenco overdrive. Any culture oversights are all my fault, and I apologize.

(Susan had thought the Telmarines a shuttered, distant people in comparison to the Narnians, but the Telmarines have a place for passion and wildness and a place for self-control, because they cannot direct themselves otherwise.)

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17 June 2009 @ 09:23 pm
Story: along this road he lost his soul
Title: crystal drops
Author: magneticwave
Prompt Set: 100
Word Count: 653
Prompt: (043) Enemies
Rating: PG
Summary: She showed him the moment when he saw Queen Susan for the first time; except in the White Queen’s glittering, reflective version brothers and sister and Narnians fade away until it is just them, together in the clearing, and her lips curve as she says Hello.
Author's Notes: RIP, casue_ldws.

(According to King Peter, nightmares are all the decisions you had to make when you didn’t want to, and King Edmund, nightmares are the regrets that you didn’t learn from, and Caspian thinks, nightmares are all the choices other people make for you.)

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Author: kitoky
Prompt: #037: responsibility
Prompt Set: 50/50
Title: Kings and Queens and Crickets, Oh My
Word Count: 2,080
Rating: K+
Summary: Caspian can't seem to find any of the Pevensies... and not many others come to think of it.
Author's Note: Ridiculous fluff. Written a while ago, only finished and posted recently. Cross-posted to susancaspian.

( Something was afoot, Caspian decided. )
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